Ask a Shuttle Driver: Advice from BG


BG (Photo by Jessica Schultz)

I constantly miss talking to friends face to face, eating food from back home, and waking up in my house. How do I deal with feeling homesick?

– Missing NY

From a Shuttle Driver: “That’s a tough one. If you getting sick from food, try to cook by your own. Or change where you get your meat. If you don’t like the people you live with, try to change your environment. If you can, change your environment, change your food. If you cannot change it, love it. Be present living life. Love what you got. Hatred is a disease. It can make you sick, so love everything around you. This is your life that you are living now; you can’t avoid it. So if you can’t change your environment, try to love it.”

From Kevin: “Homesickness is always tough to deal with and there’s no easy fix to it. But the reality is, life gets busy and it becomes harder to see friends. So I think BG’s right, try to love your new environment. Remind yourself of the positive things in your life. Remind yourself why you came to college and keep the things unique in Burlington on your mind. For example, I try to appreciate the quiet and the ability to see the stars at night which I can’t do back home in New York City.”

“This also might sound silly but stuffed animals and other items from your own bedroom does wonders for making it feel like you’re waking up in a bed that’s yours. I keep mine right next to me when I sleep and it’s a bit of an added comfort. If you have no dolls of any kind then I might suggest a particular pillow or something from your room that you might not have brought with you before. Build your place here in Burlington as your home.”

I want to treat myself and some friends someplace to eat in Burlington to celebrate making through our last year. Do you have any recommendations of good restaurants to go to in the area? Or to get takeout from perhaps?

– Hungry Helen

From a Shuttle Driver: “If your friends like Chinese, try a buffet. At a buffet, everyone can pick what they want. Tian Fu Buffet on Williston Road is a good place to go for not a lot of money, and you can get takeout. It’s cheaper, and I love it. If you don’t care about money, Leunig’s is a good place. But it can get very expensive.”

From Kevin: “I feel like I only ever go to two restaurants here so I’ll recommend those. El Gato Cantina on Church Street has fantastic Mexican food and tres leches is like one of my favorite desserts ever. Then there’s Thai Dishes which is actually right next door and if you’ve never had Thai iced tea or pad Thai (that’s not from Sodexo), then I definitely think you should give it a try.”

“I also only went there once but the food was delicious so I think I’ll also recommend A Single Pebble on Bank Street which serves Chinese. I don’t remember what I ordered but I do know I loved it so just go wild. You know, you’re graduating, have a night out at any one of these and have fun.”