Current Student Advice for the Class of 2025


Art Credit: Bel Kelly

Choosing which college to attend as a high school senior is always a big choice, but now, with the restrictions on dorm living, most classes being taught at least partially remotely, and a general air of uncertainty surrounding higher education, it’s more daunting than ever. 

For those folks who have taken the plunge and made the decision to become future Champlain students, current Champlain students commend you, and we have a bit of advice for you that may help your transition into college this fall. Be it things we wish someone had told us our freshman year, things that helped us adjust, or just tips for feeling better about the work you do, these students have got it covered. 

Third year Game Programming major Nicholas Perell says, “If you can, find a non-peer (faculty, professor, what have you) that you can establish a personal connection with. Even virtual students, I’m sure if you stopped by someone’s barren office hours, you might be able to have a friendly chat. It can make you feel more grounded, and sway a bit of the “professor is strict and scary” fear first years are particularly susceptible to.”

From second year Computer Science & Innovation major Rhys Sullivan: “Do the readings that are assigned rather than going with summaries. The readings can be pretty interesting and you get to retain the information that you learn a lot better!”

Braeden Parenteau, second year Computer Networking & Cybersecurity major, advises, “If you’re on campus, getting to know the people that live in your dorm with you is such a great thing to do. It’s a great resource to get to know people across a bunch of different majors and getting to make friends.”

Parenteau continues, “Kind of along that line, don’t be afraid to reach out to people in your classes or even that you see around a lot, it’s just as important to build those networks of people with shared interests and schedules as you, and again, it’s great to make more friends.” 

Second year Professional Writing major Emma Florez says, “Let good enough be good enough. It’s okay to half-ass things if that’s what you need to do to get them done. Make compromises with yourself so you have the energy to do what you love well and take care of yourself.”

From us current students, best of luck to the class of ‘25!