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Letter from the Editor: What Happened and What's to Come

Letter from the Editor: What Happened and What’s to Come

Haley Seymour, Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2021

Dear reader,   I sincerely thank you for keeping up with The Crossover over the past year. It’s been a wild one to say the least, but we’ve persevered and come out stronger. I took over...

2020-2021 Academic Performance Should Not be Considered on Applications or Resumes

2020-2021 Academic Performance Should Not be Considered on Applications or Resumes

Ella Quinlan, Contributor May 6, 2021

Educational institutions around the world closed their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in March of 2020, causing a major disruption in student learning. Teaching did not stop thanks to the technology...

Sexual assault protest at UVM, photo by the Burlington Free Press.

How to Ruin Someone’s Life

Tanner Rubino, Contributor May 6, 2021

Trigger warning: Sexual assault and misconduct. A friend recently posed the question to me: “How can you ruin someone’s life in three words or less?” I thought of many options: “that’s MY...

Is It Too Soon to Return to In-Person Classes?

Is It Too Soon to Return to In-Person Classes?

Emily Cejkovsky, Contributor May 5, 2021

The pandemic has taken a toll on all walks of life. People are getting sick, dying, thousands lost jobs, and going to school became opening your laptop. The terms “in-person” and “online learning”...

Don't Throw Away Your Shot!

Don’t Throw Away Your Shot!

Abaigael Lebrun, Contributor May 3, 2021

In a rare glimmer of hope, CDC director Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the US should see a “turning point” in COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks, citing the spike in vaccinations around the country. This,...

Photo Credit: Sarique Moore

The Real Cost of Living on Campus During the Pandemic

Abaigael Lebrun, Contributor April 28, 2021

College students across the country are paying more than ever for college - like upwards of 15,000 dollars “more than ever” - but with the coronavirus pandemic causing many typical college experiences...

Giving Day: Letter from the Editor

Giving Day: Letter from the Editor

Haley Seymour, Editor-in-Chief April 26, 2021

Dear readers of The Crossover,    It is my pleasure to announce that we are taking part in a Giving Day fundraiser through Champlain College. We are able to receive donations for this campaign...

Taken by Emma Seidenberg (Business Administration '22).

Intramural Sports: Why Should You Attend?

Preston Banas, Staff Writer April 20, 2021

Attending college in the midst of a pandemic hasn't really left room for a lot of human interaction. We all want a little sense of camaraderie and competition. A great way to do this is to go to the gym...

Photo Credit: Mike Dunn on Flickr.

Mental Health of Champlain Students Declining During Pandemic

Rebecca Natale, Contributor March 29, 2021

Everyone has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but college students are being hit particularly hard, between financial stress and demanding schoolwork. Champlain College is not doing everything it...

Screen shot of the Student Press Law Center logo, which houses the New Voices Law.

Student Press Freedoms and What Champlain Needs to Change

Haley Seymour and Cassie Melchior March 11, 2021

Editor's Note: This editorial is part of a series of stories regarding student press freedoms at Champlain College. The news story regarding this topic is "Student Reporters Deny College's Media Relations...

Sunset on campus, taken by Haley Seymour.

The Benefits of Continuing Flex-Hybrid After the Pandemic

Katherine Townsend, Contributor March 9, 2021

There is a lot of hope that the pandemic is coming to a close, and fast approaches the reopening of the world after vaccine distribution. With the potential upcoming opening of the Champlain College campus,...

Screenshot from petition, set up by several seniors at Champlain College.

Virtual Commencement: The Dangers of an In-Person Ceremony

Violet Bell, Contributor March 8, 2021

Champlain College is doing a virtual graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021. I’m ecstatic about it. I don’t have to worry about getting sick with COVID. I don’t have to worry about possibly...

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