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How Champ 101 Could Be More Applicable to Students

How Champ 101 Could Be More Applicable to Students

Kelley Lebahn, Staff Writer November 10, 2022

Champ 101 is Champlain’s newest curriculum required for first-year and transfer students. According to the school’s New Student Experience page, the goal is to “Help you find your footing as you...

(Frame from Videodrome, dir. David Cronenberg. Director of cinematography: Mark Irwin.)

Horror and Technology: How Humans Cope with a Posthumanist World

Bel Kelly, Associate Editor October 21, 2022

Humans need to face the facts: through our technological advancements, mostly over the past sixty years, we have created a world we are no longer scientifically suited for. Our 24-hour news cycle and the...

a stack of books

The Perks and Faults of the Green Mountain Book Festival

Kelley Lebahn, Staff Writer October 19, 2022

The Green Mountain Book Festival was advertised to have panels of renowned local authors, an open mic banned book reading, a used book sale with excellent prices, and a late-night poetry club. It was a...

Burlington celebrating pride. Photo by: Neale Kelley (26).

Burlington Pride: A Celebration of Metamorphosis

Neale Kelley, Staff Writer October 3, 2022

Drums pounded rhythmically in the distance, and the crowd became alight with murmurs that it was finally beginning. The streets were bursting with people in all manner of dress and expression, many of...

Church Street Marketplace. Photo by: Logan Young.

The Two Sides of the Church Street Marketplace

Logan Young, Contributor May 3, 2022

Church Street Marketplace is the most popular shopping destination in the beautiful city of Burlington, Vermont. The marketplace is a district of restaurants and shops, located along a walking strip for...

Closed doors of the IDX Dining Hall.

“Late Nights” and Continentals: IDX Dining Hall Hours Frustrate Students

John Player, Contributor April 29, 2022

In the fall semester of 2021, waves of student-produced Google surveys populated Champlain discord servers and email inboxes seeking to gather student opinion on Sodexo, the company Champlain hired to...

A shirt featured as part of The Clothesline Project. Photo by: Angel Gallien.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Share Out Through The Clothesline Project

Elizabeth Marando, Staff Writer April 28, 2022

Marked-up shirts strung on clotheslines in the Fireside Lounge on April 18th, displaying Champlain students’ powerful messages about their experiences with sexual abuse. This movement is known as...

Book cover of The Lumberjacks Dove.

You Should Read More Poetry

Bel Kelly, Associate Editor April 25, 2022

“oh god it’s wonderful / to get out of bed / and drink too much coffee / and smoke too many cigarettes / and love you so much,” wrote poet Frank O’Hara.  In the summers, I get out of bed and...

A clear night sky on a walk home from class. Photo By: Bel Kelly.

Should You Study Abroad? My Experience in Dublin

Bel Kelly, Associate Editor April 13, 2022

You step off a seven hour flight. You’re jetlagged; you’re five hours off the time you’re used to. You’re not quite three thousand miles of ocean away from home, and you’re in a city over two...

Students putting together a puzzle in the Womens and Gender Center (WGC).

Champlain’s Women and Gender Center Wants You to Visit

Charlotte Ide, Contributor April 13, 2022

The Women’s and Gender Center (WGC) is a greatly underutilized space. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors have been few and far between and awareness of our space has decreased with each...

An example weighted attendance percentage. (Weight varies per course).

Attendance Policies Threaten Student Success

Abbey Berger-Knorr, Staff Writer April 12, 2022

Last year, school looked very different at Champlain College. Because of the pandemic, the majority of classes were online and a black, muted screen on Zoom was considered as attendance.  While professors...

A screenshot of Champlains Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Report Form.

How Champlain’s Title IX Office Can Make Procedures More Clear

Haley Seymour, Editor in Chief March 30, 2022

This editorial is posted alongside the news story “Student-Created Instagram Page Shares Anonymous Sexual Assault Claims.”   Champlain’s Title IX report process as well as the understanding...

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