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Five Must Sees During Quarantine

Photo by @plqml // felipe pelaquim on Unsplash

Sammie Lee Wilhoit, Staff Writer

April 21, 2020

Free from the excess of jobs and extracurriculars, we now have more time than ever before to sit and watch hours of TV. From Netflix to Hulu, there is so much to offer. Also, if you didn’t already know this, Spotify has a student deal for Spotify Premium that also gets you a subscription to Hulu and ...

“Drippin’ in Melanin” Fashion Show is a Hit

Group Picture of All the Models After a Successful Show

Cat Gullotta, Section Editor

February 21, 2020

In honor of Black History Month, Shades of Me—Champlain’s womxn of color affinity group—hosted a fashion show entitled “Drippin’ in Melanin” on Saturday, February 16, from 6:00-8:30pm in the Champlain Room. The event was organized by third-year Shades President Hannah Short, who is a Communic...

What Got Snubbed This Year

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Eric Banks, Staff Writer

February 9, 2020

I have… strong feelings in regards to the Academy Awards. On one hand, the academy allows for some extremely talented individuals to be recognized for their achievements in film. On the other hand, there are still plenty of excellent films that are ignored around awards season, some of which are among...

Taika Waititi’s WWII Comedy is Bold and Brilliant

Taika Waititi’s WWII Comedy is Bold and Brilliant

Eric Banks, Staff Writer

November 25, 2019

Never in a million years would I have guessed that the funniest film of the year would be about Nazi Germany. I mean, how could anyone find anything funny about a political regime that led to the deaths of millions of Jewish people? While there have certainly been movies in the past that have tried to ...

Looking For Alaska: More Than A Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Courtesy of The Ringer

Sammie Lee Wilhoit, Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

Alaska walks over on a bench beside Dr. Hyde. She asks if she can sit there and eat her sandwich. He allows her to, although she did interrupt his meditation. She confides in him about feeling alone because the other students have been isolating and shaming her. He listens and tells her that change ...

Understanding Your Privacy Rights as a Student

Understanding Your Privacy Rights as a Student

Erika Brown, Editor in Chief

October 26, 2019

Before you turned 18 and came to college, your parent or guardian had the right to access your education records, make changes to them, and control how much of your personally identifiable information was disclosed to others.  But now that you’re an adult (yes, an adult!) with your own autonomy, th...

Vermont International Film Festival Returns

Erika Skorstad, Staff Writer

October 16, 2019

The 34th annual Vermont International Film Festival (VTIFF) runs from October 16 to 27 in downtown Burlington. The festival features almost 70 independent films, which will be shown at Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, Burlington City Arts, and ECHO’s Lakeside Hall. The films were made all a...

Joaquin Phoenix Shines in Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Shines in Joker

Eric Banks, Staff Writer

October 11, 2019

I think it’s safe to say no movie in recent memory has achieved the level of controversy as Todd Phillips’ Joker. For the past few months, the media has made it seem like this film will be a lightning rod for incel ("involuntary celibate;” a group of people unable to find romantic partners and ...

Alison Bechdel at UVM: Comics as Activism

Bechdel Introducing her comic series Dykes To Watch Out For.

Sammie Lee Wilhoit, Staff Writer

October 10, 2019

On Wednesday, October 2, Alison Bechdel was invited by the Vermont Humanities Council for their “First Wednesdays” lecture series to give a presentation about comics as activism. Bechdel is a Vermont cartoonist who wrote the comic Dykes To Watch Out For from 1983 to 2008, as well as two graphic...

An Interview with Michael Scott

Actress Emma Brock dressed as Pam in 2007

Eli Kline, Contributing Writer

October 9, 2019

The Office! A Musical Parody is a stage adaptation of the hit TV show The Office, which follows the misadventures of the various employees of the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The Crossover interviewed Emma Brock, the actress playing Regional Manager Michael Scott, one of the m...

The Peanut Butter Falcon: A Beautiful Film About Equality

The Peanut Butter Falcon: A Beautiful Film About Equality

Eric Banks, Contributing Writer

September 16, 2019

The great Roger Ebert once described the 1999 film The Other Sister as “Shameless in its use of mental retardation as a gimmick, a prop, and a punchline.” He went on to say that the film “treats its characters like cute little performing seals delivering their ‘retarded’ dialouge with per...

Champlain Offers Interactive Narrative Minor

Champlain Offers Interactive Narrative Minor

Erika Skorstad, Staff Writer

September 6, 2019

After years in the making, Champlain students can officially minor in interactive narrative. If you play video games, chances are that you’ve enjoyed one with a compelling narrative—even if you think you don’t care about “story games.” Whether you’re playing Dark Souls or Mario Kart, the c...