Letter from the Editor: Thank You and What’s Next…


Passing the baton from Editor in Chief Haley Seymour to Rising Editor in Chief Kelley Lebahn.

Dear Crossover readers,


Thank you so much for taking time to enjoy The Crossover this year. I have now been Editor in Chief for three years, and I’m immensely proud of the work that has been produced for this publication.

I am happy to share that The Crossover will live on through a rising Editor in Chief, Kelley Lebahn

Kelley has some amazing ideas and goals to bring to The Crossover later this year. She is a Professional Writing major at Champlain with a concentration in Editing and Publishing and a minor in Public Relations. She came onto The Crossover staff ready to go, and she has published some truly great work as a first-year student.

I also would like to take this time to hear from Eric Banks, a dedicated staff writer on The Crossover who has written for the publication for the past four years:

It truly has been a pleasure to write for The Crossover throughout my time at Champlain. Our publication has helped me grow immensely as a writer and allowed me to share my love of film well beyond my letterboxd profile. I’m immensely grateful to anyone who read any of my reviews and just as grateful to Haley for giving me the freedom to write what I was passionate about. Thank you all for making my time on The Crossover staff so enjoyable. 

I hope you will continue enjoying our publication, and remember that you can always tip us off!



Haley Seymour

Editor in Chief