Letter from the Editor: What Happened and What’s to Come

The Crossover’s year: ups, downs and hopes for the future.


Dear reader,


I sincerely thank you for keeping up with The Crossover over the past year. It’s been a wild one to say the least, but we’ve persevered and come out stronger.

I took over as Editor in Chief in August 2020, thrown in head first with only me and two staff writers. I had little knowledge of what I was doing, but luckily I can say that our staff is growing stronger and will hopefully continue in the upcoming years.

Some big changes have been made to The Crossover site this year; we have a new logo, designed by Parker Derrick (Graphic Design and Visual Communication Design ‘23), that better represents our publication and what our goals are. Additionally, there is now a place on the website where you can go to subscribe, making it easier to get updates and stories sent right to your inbox. We also have a “Recent Comments” widget to encourage readers to comment their thoughts on their favorite stories.

We created an Instagram and a LinkedIn account this year to provide insight alongside our Twitter and Facebook accounts. This allows us to have a wider audience and increase readership and contributors. 

One of our main goals for the fall is to increase our staff with writers, photographers, artists, event planners, and anyone who feels their skills will benefit The Crossover. We desire a diverse group of students who want to work together in order for our publication to succeed in its mission: to provide an honest and independent view of Champlain College. We hope to be all around campus this semester: at Orientation, tabling, and scattering ourselves everywhere so we can provide an impact to our students, faculty, and administration.

The Crossover’s Associate Editor, Bel Kelly, and I have been working on an internship over the past semester called the Publishing Hub EMC Fellowship. There, we have increased our knowledge about each of Champlain’s student-run publications. We also created marketing and outreach strategies to get students more involved. The main goal of this fellowship was to increase readership, contribution, and involvement with the publications campus-wide. We hope that this will make The Crossover more accessible and more known to students. For more information, read “Center for Publishing, aka “Pub Hub,” Moves Forward.”

I want to extend a thank you to those who participated in the Giving Day fundraiser and donated to The Crossover. We will be using these funds to create events and workshops for all Champlain students next semester. The more students we can get involved, the better. I would also like to thank the Student Government Association for accepting our grant proposal and getting us the money for promotional items, such as stickers to pass out at Orientation and tabling events in the future.

We appreciate all readers of The Crossover. Thank you so much for supporting us and our endeavors. We hope to write even more next semester.




Haley Seymour

Editor in Chief