Tanya Lee Stone to Launch New Book “Peace is a Chain Reaction” at Champlain-Hosted Book Event

Stone asks the question: what really goes into telling overlooked histories?


Tanya Lee Stone, award-winning author and program director of the Professional Writing program at Champlain College, is set to release her new book, Peace is a Chain Reaction on September 13, 2022. On September 14, at 4:30 p.m., she will be talking about her new book, at an event in Champlain College’s Champlain Room, open to the public.

Peace is a Chain Reaction tells a story of overlooked history during World War II, where six Americans, five of which being children, were killed when a Japanese balloon bomb exploded on United States soil. This was the only Japanese balloon bomb that caused casualties, so the story was kept secret by the United States government so the Japanese didn’t know that they had succeeded. The story’s lead is Yuzuru Takeshita, a Japanese American who was a teenager during World War II.

Stone plans to do a short presentation with slides, a question and answer session, a short reading from Peace is a Chain Reaction, and serve cake. The main questions she hopes to address involve: her process going into writing overlooked history, how to make herself a trusted author writing nonfiction, and her visual storytelling process.

“Part of my passion is for filling in some of the missing gaps in the usual histories that are told,” Stone said.