Students in COR 104 “Make Friends” Outside the Classroom


When coming to college, most people look forward to meeting new people and using it as a time to make new friends. Now, students will be able to do just that. Throughout the remainder of the spring semester, students in COR 104: Making Friends will be hosting events all over campus as a part of their final project for the class. 

The goal of these activities is to bring students together from across campus to foster more in-person connections at a time where students tend to focus more on online interactions. The groups of students hosting these events have spent the entire semester planning them, creating different types of activities, finding locations, and some applying for grants from the Student Government Association to fund their projects.

One of the first challenges for some of the groups was deciding what they wanted to do for their event. This was the case for Madeline Ewens (‘26), a Creative Media student, and her group. Ultimately, their group chose to do a film screening of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, but with a twist.

“[We thought] what if we take the idea of a movie screening and theater screenings and flip it on its head and told people be loud, talk. Let’s have a conversation,” Ewens explained.

When it came to planning each event, every group had different experiences. Filmmaking major Tessle Dashno (‘26) described planning her group’s board game night as being “pretty straightforward”. However, Ewens and her group had a much different experience because not many of them had experience when it came to event planning.

“Hectic would be the word I would use,” Ewens said.

By going through the entire process of planning an event, COR 104 students said they learned about what it takes to make an event successful, like proper budgeting and scouting out a good location for an event. Some students, however, don’t see themselves planning similar types of events in the future.

“I don’t want to have to plan an event ever again,” Dashno explained with a laugh.

Both Dashno and Ewens look forward to hosting their events and attending the events of other COR 104 groups. 

“I look forward to seeing the people that I know, but I also look forward to the potential of their being new people showing up that I’ve never met before,” stated Dashno.

The different groups of COR 104 students have spent weeks planning these events around campus, with each group feeling that their event will help foster social connections in a unique way. Here’s the information on all the different COR 104 events happening during the rest of the semester:

Board Game Night: March 31st from 6-8:30 p.m. in CCM 233

Mario Kart Night: April 1st from 6:45-9:30 p.m. in CCM 221

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish screening: April 4th from 4-6 p.m. in the Alumni Auditorium

Pajama Jamma Game Night: April 14th from 5-7:45 p.m. in MIC 305/306

Champlain College Contests: April 16th from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in Argosy Gym

3D Movie Night: April 19th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.