Student Government Association Welcomes New Members at Election Party


Photo by: Haley Seymour

On September 27, the Champlain Student Government Association (SGA) held an election party to celebrate the election of its newest student representatives. The SGA election process spanned multiple weeks as students decided whether or not they wanted to run for a representative position prior to the registration deadline of September 18. The election lasted from September 19 to September 25 as candidates waited to see what results their campaigns yielded. 

The election cycle concluded at the election party in the Fireside Lounge. Students who attended the event were given raffle tickets for various prizes that included an iPad and a Canon camera. During the event, cornhole boards were out and students attending the event as well as some SGA officials were actively playing throughout the entire night.

Candidates based their campaigns on a variety of issues on campus. Game Art major and now First Year Representative Scarlette Leonard based her campaign around faculty appreciation. 

“I’m looking forward to bringing more appreciation out for the staff workers in the halls and the staff workers in the IDX and upping the appreciation that those members get,” stated Leonard. “I’m very much looking forward to being a part of such a community and just supporting one another.”

Game Programming major Olivier Lorin, another one of the first year representatives elected this year, had a much different election experience. Unlike Leonard, Lorin was actually a write-in candidate and received enough votes to grab one of the few first year representative positions. 

Lorin realized he had strong leadership qualities due to his talents in meeting other people and knack for problem-solving at various high school events where Lorin held a leadership position.

 “I guess I really wanted to help my community and I’m someone who really enjoys helping my community as a whole and one way that helps a lot is becoming a representative,” Lorin said.

Overall, spirits were high as the SGA welcomed its new members with open arms and celebrated the accomplishments of the successful candidates. Both Lorin and Leonard, along with several other members of the Student Government Association, were frequently seen mingling with students that attended the event. The duo were only two of the three new first-year representatives elected this year and two of five new representatives elected into office this year. If the election party is an indication of what’s to come for this academic year, the SGA is set up to have a successful year ahead of them.