The Rising Popularity of “Renegades: Born in the U.S.A.” Podcast


“Renegades: Born in the U.S.A.,” a new Spotify podcast hosted by former president Barack Obama and rock legend Bruce Springsteen, showcases the political divide and hopeful unity moving forward in the U.S. The show is made up of eight episodes explaining political, social, and cultural changes and movements happening in the country right now. This podcast covers content surrounding class, race struggles, and the identity of America as a world power in the future of our society. 

The podcast specifically talks about the concern of white nationalism in our country, which in part is a broader concern to the American people now because of the capitol insurrection of January 6th. The podcast also focuses on the rural/urban divide in our country in terms of class distinctions and access to resources like healthcare and education. 

Springsteen and Obama have been friends since they first met in 2008,  the two really built up their relationship from 2018-2020 when they were both out campaigning for President Joe Biden. Both men believe in a unified democracy, which was one of the key reasons why the pair started a podcast. The two also come from similar parental experiences with both of their fathers not being really there for them when they were children. This deep personal connection between these two men is also a driving force behind why the two have such a great friendship. 

Both iconic legends wanted to create an experience to be heard and to be listened to for the sake of democracy. Hate divides this country and these two men wanted to even in the slightest way bring a sense of unity to their listeners and provide hope for people to know that thing’s may suck in our political landscape right now but if we come together America can change for the better. 

Politico states that the podcast was, “launched in late February with promises of intimate conversations that would probe and possibly bridge deep divisions in America, represented, supposedly, by these two men from two different Americas. The podcast is the latest project in the post-White House career of the Obamas, who have produced well-reviewed documentaries, podcasts and books—if not the kind of muscular political activism that some supporters had hoped the Donald Trump era and a summer of mass protest would call for. “

The New York Times reporter Ben Sisario states that the podcast is about two humans, “searching, high-minded discussion of life in the United States from two masters of the form.” 

I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys conversation about social and political problems. The contrast that the show thrives on is how both men grew up. Springsteen and Obama come from very different backgrounds and experiences in life but, through discussion, they can agree on many issues. 

The overall message to take away from this brilliantly-produced and intriguing podcast is how people can discuss and find common ground on various topics and issues. This message conveys that every person should be striving to do so, because it helps our society move forward and it betters us to be more open minded people.