When Life Gives You Lemons, You Make a Lemonade Stand!


The Lemonade Stand outside the IDX Dining Hall.

Champlain College has implemented a lemonade stand, a yellow table outside IDX, with people giving out crisp glasses of Minute Maid lemonade to anyone who wants it. The table was previously outside Hauke Courtyard during the warmer months.

The stand promotes fun socially distanced activities for students on campus and informs students with any questions they may have about the college experience of living on campus. 

This lemonade has been donated by Sodexo to the Champlain College community; Champlain faculty volunteer to run the stand. The lemonade stand is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

 Lisa Mazzariello, the director of Student Engagement at Champlain College talked about this courageous endeavor of trying to inform student’s during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In explaining how the idea for the lemonade stand came to be Lisa said, “I think it came out of trying to be able to reach students and be a resource that was consistent for students, especially our students who were coming to campus, whether they’re commuting, or their residential students who are coming for in person classes. There aren’t as many staff and faculty around campus because of COVID-19. So it was put together as an opportunity for folks to ask questions. The questions differed from directions to classes to who can help me with filling out an email?”

The idea of having a lemonade stand on campus has made many faculty and staff consider and create various Covid-19-safe activities for the students.  Some of the activities have been a weekly movie night, soccer in Finney quad and virtual fitness classes for students and faculty. 

“Sure, I would say every day we’re helping anywhere. Now it’s, it’s become more routine. Maybe as many as 15 students that stop by and take something or ask a question or check in. At the beginning, it was a flurry of, literally, dozens of people were stopping by. But as people have gotten into their routine, we’ve made a commitment to keeping the lemonade stand up and running.” She continued, “Because even though the numbers have reduced a little bit, and how many people we are helping, we’d really reduce the hours and everything, but we want students to have a space, a place for students to show up and still answer questions, and find any resources that they otherwise need.”

Relating to masks, Lisa explains, “I myself have told some folks that they have to, you know, could you pull your mask? Oh, that’s been minor.” 

Overall, the Champlain College Lemonade Stand has been a clever and smart way to inform new and returning students about a variety of topics relating to that student’s personal college experience plus, you get a refreshing drink from just going to the stand!