Six Music Videos Made During Quarantine


The pandemic has limited the options of creatives. However, these limitations have allowed artists to showcase their different creative strengths. Creative media is still being produced, but certain aspects are changing. Photographers have held photoshoots over Zoom. Bad Bunny’s girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri produced his photoshoot for Rolling Stone. Music videos released recently have revealed how art can flourish within confines of quarantine. 

  1. “Old Nudes” by Lauran Hibberd 

Lauran Hibberd’s pop punk style has always been comedic as well as empowering. Her music video is no different. She creates many different scenes throughout her house while wearing different outfits. In one, she is brushing her wet hair and singing into the microphone. In another, she wears glasses and sits perched on her bed. She creates a cohesive story between these different frames of a girl reflecting on her ex with anger and annoyance. 

  1. “What Am I Gonna Do Today” by The Regrettes

The Regrettes have a chill vlog-style video where they include what keeps them sane including their pets, exercising, drinking tea, and playing video games. This melancholy acoustic song matches the mood of the video but contrasts with the majority of their upbeat punk songs. 

  1. “Weird!” Yungblood 

This upbeat music video has a lot of dancing and different angles, one of the best being from inside the fridge as he reaches for something. The song has a repetitive synth background accented with electric guitar and drums during the melody. The psychedelic colors and occasional warped videos add to the surrealness.. 

  1. “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” by Wallows 

This socially-distanced 90s-inspired music video begins with a series of scenes of the band arriving at the party. The video then focuses on lead singer Braeden Lemaster as he daydreams about falling in love with a girl at the party, who is played by Lemaster in a long brown wig, a pink top, and a jean miniskirt. Together, they travel through a video game landscape and clouds all through green screens. The other partiers on set were played by their close friends who had to be tested and stood amidst clothed

mannequins and cardboard cutouts. The result is polished enough to forget about the creative limitations. 

  1. “Wasted On You” by Evanescence 

This slow ballad pairs well with a music video of all the bandmates sitting around their houses looking sad and out of place as the world moves on around them. The overall feel is the “time apart” scene in a romantic comedy with the separating factor being quarantine. 

  1. “Dreamland” by Glass Animals 

The UK band Glass Animals used a pink and white shimmery backdrop with puffy cotton clouds and projections as lighting to create beautiful scenery through shadows for a psychedelic effect. The set pairs beautifully with their slow, dreamy music. They used a moving track to show objects hanging from the ceiling. The second half of the video shows the singer Dave Bayley receiving cardboard boxes and an instruction manual from director Colin Read to create The Dreamland set in his living room.