Two Bikes Stolen From 194 St. Paul Street


Video surveillance captured the suspect stealing the bikes outside the residence hall. Please contact CPS or BPD with any information regarding this incident.

On Saturday, November 2, just after 10:00 pm, an unidentified male broke the locks off two bicycles and took off with them. It happened just outside the lobby of 194 St. Paul Street and was captured on camera.

Cat Gullotta, a senior, was an eyewitness to the theft.

“My friend was waiting to be let in and was watching this guy smoking a cigarette “casually” then, when he was done, he turned around and started cutting the locks off the bike,” she recalled. “Another person [Hansel Carter, senior] came in and my friend [Sadie Arsenault, senior] told the RA in the office, who looked on the camera. It was pretty dark so we didn’t see much until he was getting on one bike and hoisting the other one with him. Hansel ran outside and yelled, “that’s my bike!” (it wasn’t) to the guy, so he turned around and that’s how the camera got a clear shot. He didn’t say anything and just rode away on two bikes.”

Carolyn Goldman-Roberts, Housing Operations Manager for the residence hall, shared a still photo from the video surveillance footage to the 194SPS Facebook group. 

Goldman-Roberts did say that there are two indoor bike storage spaces in the building if students feel uncomfortable leaving their bikes outside. One is on the ground floor off to the right of the main entrance. The other is located on the first floor near the elevators. 

If the larger Champlain community recognizes this person or has any information relating to these stolen bikes, please contact Campus Public Safety at (802)-860-6465 or the Burlington Police Department.