Meet Your SGA Representatives

On Friday, September 20, six new elected members of Champlain’s Student Government Association were announced. The election itself was held alongside Late Night Breakfast in the dining hall. When asked what he thought about the event, Junior ITS Representative, Josh Sherman, said, “It’s good because it gets people to interact with SGA members that they might not know. Plus, Late Night!”

Out of 2,084 students, 464 ballots were cast. These were the results: 

Jahari Onyango, Luca Jaime-Hernandez, and Silas Fransen were all elected as First Year Representatives. 

Kenneth Bufford was elected as Sophomore Representative.

Hawa Adan was elected as Junior Representative.

Austin King was elected as Senior Representative. 

Lastly, Madison Sumpf was elected as Community Engagement Representative. 

“I just want to thank everyone who voted for me,” said Sumpf. “I’m excited to make Champlain a more inclusive place.”