Champlain College Plans to Be Fully In-Person for Fall 2021


Photo of Champlain College campus, taken in 2017.

Mar. 10, Champlain College’s department of Student Affairs, Diversity, and Inclusion sent an email to the community detailing what they’re calling the “initial plans for fall 2021.” The email briefly outlines various aspects of what academic life might look like next semester, including all in-person classes and face-to-face learning.

The Fall 2021 semester is scheduled to start Monday, August 30. A list of the in-person fall and virtual summer course options are currently available to students, and registration opens April 12. As of now, there is no requirement for students to receive a vaccination before returning to campus, although it is encouraged. In an effort to help finalize the plans for this fall, members of the Champlain community have been asked to complete a short survey about their intentions to get vaccinated. A link to the survey can be found in the email sent out on Mar. 10. The email also states that a certain degree of mask-wearing will likely still be implemented next semester, and the continuation of weekly testing will be dependent on state guidelines and vaccination rates among students on campus.

In terms of housing, triples, quads, and quints will likely still be contained to two students only, although this is subject to change. The college is anticipating a larger number of students who plan on returning and coming to campus, so rooms that are designed as doubles will once again be used to house two students. There is a possibility that the amount of available on-campus housing may not meet the demand, in which case students will be placed on a wait-list. As is stated in the email, there will be a better understanding of the need for a wait-list once the initial stage of the housing process is completed. It is also anticipated that Champlain will once again be closing for both November and Spring break. 

Study abroad for Champlain’s Dublin and Montreal campuses is set to take place next semester for eligible upperclassmen. The application process has already begun and will be accepting and approving applicants on a rolling basis through mid-April. While staff on-site are preparing for students to return, it is still unclear at this time whether travel to these countries will be permitted.

The general consensus among students is that they’re looking forward to these changes being implemented — many are excited to get back in the classroom and spend more time on campus. As is stated in the Mar. 10 email, these are the initial, preliminary plans for the fall 2021 semester. Champlain College will continue to monitor the ongoing pandemic and make adjustments to this plan accordingly based on state, local, and federal guidelines as they become available. Any questions students many have should be emailed to [email protected].