94 People Attend Loud Latinx


Screenshot from the Instagram Live event.

On Saturday, March 6, 94 people attended Loud Latinx, an Instagram livestream hosted by Champlain student Mila Alicea (‘24) and featuring three other Latinx students (from upper left: Alicea, Silvanna Najri Saladin (‘21), Joshua Leon Mejia (‘24), and Minerva Paulino (‘24)). They discussed how being Latinx has affected their experience on Champlain’s majority-white campus, and covered topics like the difference between race and ethnicity and why that matters; the oversexualization of Latinx individuals and how it affects their day-to-day comfort and safety; and how Champlain has responded to the reports they filed after experiencing microaggressions on campus. 


This photo cut expands on a previous story, “Minority Student Feel Betrayed by Miscommunication.”